EXANTE Investor League
Welcome to the EXANTE Investor League!
Are you ready to plunge into the volatile markets?

Join the trading competition powered by investment company EXANTE and prove your skills.
Trading students from the leading UK colleges and Jönköping International Business School (Sweden).
Who's in?
Registration: Sept 30, 09:00 — Oct 18, 12:00
Competition: Oct 21— Nov 1
How does it work?
To accommodate all the participants, we're organising three tournament Leagues.
October 2019 (GMT+1)
Registration for the EXANTE Investor League 1 closes on October 18, 2019, 12:00 (GMT+1).
Next to come
Next to come
As part of the investment challenge, the contestants will practice trading IEX exchange stocks. Before the league opens, each contestant receives 100,000 GBP of virtual currency to the demo account.

During the contest, the participants must only use the EXANTE trading platform: the web, mobile or desktop version.
100,000 £
virtual currency
We'll keep track of interim results at the official EXANTE Investor Leagues page. Updates will arrive every 3 days.
We'll publish the final results on the same page 3 days after the contest ends.
Take part in the largest inter-college investment contest in the UK
It's free, all you have to invest
is your time and trading skills
WIN £150
Get a chance to win monetary prizes
up to £150 and celebrate with friends
You're in the top 10? Get a crypto
wallet powered by EXANTE
Receive guaranteed certificates
and trading reports- regardless
of your contest score
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