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Competition Guide (FAQs)
Who can enter the competition?
The PureGT Investment Super League is exclusive to PureGT members.

The competition is free. No fees apply.
Do I need trading experience to join the League?
The Investment Super League is a competition for all trading and investment enthusiasts, regardless of experience.

Before the competition begins, we encourage participants to use the EXANTE Demo area to practice their trading strategies.
When does the competition start?
The competition is scheduled to commence on July 5th, 2021 at 09:00am (BST).
What actions are permitted during the competition?
During the competition, contestants can:

  • Place orders on the market;

  • Use the Cash module for currency conversion;

  • Use all EXANTE platform editions (desktop, web and mobile);

  • Check out EXANTE's latest educational videos
What actions are not permitted during the competition?
Participants may face disqualification for a number of reasons:

  • If accounts have a high rate of simultaneous/similar activities
  • Violation of the independent trading rule
  • A prolonged period of inactivity for two or more business days
You can contact compete@exante.eu if you have any technical issues.
How is the winner identified?
The winner will be certified as follows:

  • The contest will end on August 5th at 00:00 (BST);
  • The winner will be announced by August 6th on the PureGT forum;
  • The winner of the League is determined by:
  1. Total NAV profit;
  2. Profit Ratio (the key criterion);
  3. Percentage of Maximum Relative Drawdown (a secondary criterion, employed in case leading contestants have the same NAV by the end of the competition)

What to expect
An ad-hoc EXANTE demo account will be opened for the purposes of the competition.

  • €1,000,000 of virtual currency for trading;
  • The Cash module for currency conversion;
  • Access to live quotes
If you already have an EXANTE demo account, your balance will be reset before the competition commences.

How do I sign up?
The process is simple:

  1. Register with the PureGT Investor Super League here
  2. Open a demo EXANTE account
  3. We'll add the setup to your account on the competition start date. Just open any EXANTE trading tool (web, desktop, mobile) and you are ready to compete!

If you don't receive the official setup on the first day of the competition, please make sure your demo account was properly registered. You need to make sure that you're signed up before the deadline (at least 24 hours before the competition commences).

If your registrations are all in-date, please contact compete@exante.eu to resolve the issue as soon as possible.

NOTE: If you have several sub accounts linked to your profile, you will receive the setup on the sub account with a number ending in *.001. If you registered on the EXANTE platform with multiple email addresses, only the one you used on the competition website will receive the competition setup.
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